About Weimaraner Rescue, Rehome and Adoption

From time to time the rescuing and rehoming  (and adoption) of a Weimaraner  is required. The Weimaraner Club of WA (WCWA) offers this service at no cost, including veterinarian and other fees if required. 

If you need to surrender your dog

Please contact us via the Contact Form at the bottom of this page and we will provide any support we can. We will discuss the health, temperament and habits of your dog so that we can develop a clear picture of your dog's needs. We are very careful with where we place our rehomed dogs.

As part of the service we often make home visits to help the dog settle into their new home. We are happy to follow up with more visits should it be required. We are in frequent contact with the adoptive homes, and lines of communication are open at all times for questions and queries. 


Adopting an adult dog is a very rewarding experience, but you should be prepared to invest time and effort into the adopted dog. Just like a puppy, an adult dog needs time and effort invested into them so they can develop a bond.

If you would like to be considered for an adoption of dog needing a new home, please download and complete this Adoption Form and return to our Secretary at secretary.weiclubwa@gmail.com. Prospective owners of a rescue Weimaraner will be screened with the welfare and wellbeing of the dog requiring a new home a priority. Careful consideration is taken in rehoming a dog into the most appropriate home.

How you can help:

  • If you think your existing dog is open to it – register with the club as a foster home. Fostering is the care of a dog on a temporary basis until a permanent home is found. Be aware that the rescue Weimaraner may be unwell or nervous, but we will let you know in advance. Fostering and adopting is the most rewarding experience and well worth all the work and effort involved.
  • If you have any dog beds/bedding, or dog food that is no longer required you could donate that to the Club’s Rescue Program.
  • If you know of anyone who would make great owners or who are looking to rescue a Weimaraner on a permanent basis – get them in touch with the club.
  • If you are prepared to run fundraising events/programs specifically for rescue that would be greatly appreciated. Rescue and re homing requires funds for vet visits, medication, and some-times interstate transport.

We believe rescue dogs deserve a second chance

Contact Form: rescue/rehome/surrender/adoption