Early socialisation of your puppy in key!

As a service for club members, we offer puppy classes especially tailored for the Weimaraner. The focus is on activities and games that will harness the skills that have been developed in this breed; such as scent games, brain work, retrieving. 

Visit our Training Programme page for more details.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you also enrol and attend other/ general of club classes, as it's important for your puppy to learn and be socialised around other breeds, in a structured environment. We cannot recommend enough the importance of early socialisation and training for your Weimaraner puppy. This is a highly intelligent breed who LIVE to LEARN and who are lifelong learners. 

Check out the Obedience page for more information, and the Agility page for a list of your a local dog club in your area - many of which offer puppy classes.