Training and Education

Weimaraners can be easy to train, but they can be stubborn. The best way to train a Weimaraner is a firm, gentle approach, but as a general rule, consistent, lifelong training is a must for a Weimaraner. If you get slack with ground rules, a Weimaraner can, and will, take advantage of that! 

Which ever way you look at it, Reward Based Training (also known as positive reinforcement) will help you get the best out of your Weimaraner. We recommend researching, understanding the benefits and adopting this practice when training your Weimaraner. 

On occasion, we offer our Financial Members subsidised training and education for their Weimaraners. Watch this space for further offering. 

We also highly recommend exploring your local dog club (non breed specific) as they often offer obedience and puppy classes. This will provide an opportunity for socialisation with many different breeds, which is a critical part of your puppy education.

Here's an article on the behavioural development of puppies and young dogs from the Weimaraner Club of America's October 2012 magazine.

Visit our Agility page for Perth dog clubs who offer agility and obedience and puppy classes near you

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